We are a Startup that launched in the market in 2018, the product, which bears the name of our company, began to be developed still in 2017 and emerged from an insight revealed by a research conducted with more than 100 small and medium-sized companies in the region, of which only 4 had a strategic planning process – and this was not always effective because it ended up being accomplished through spreadsheets and manual controls that Hinted the continuity of the plan.

Along with this finding, researches and studies conducted by Sebrae pointed out that in Brazil more than 50 of the businesses closed after 4 years of the opening, and that the lack of planning was the cause number of business failure.

In order to educate and raise awareness of the business community about the importance of the strategic planning process, and to disseminate and facilitate the implementation of the methodology through a Simple and complete SaaS platform – began to Draw up our story!


+ 8 Years of experience

Our team consists of professionals with more than 8 years of experience in the field of technology. Our CEO has more than 26 years of experience, having founded two other successful companies and led teams of up to 30 people.

+ 650 Users

Currently there are more than 650 active users in 60 different clients, and spread across 10 Brazilian states; Companies of various sizes and branches, including public institutions!

Partner Consultants

We have a program for partnership development, currently more than 35 partners working in 8 Brazilian states. These partners are consultants and consulting firms specializing in strategic management.