Strategic map
Analysis and Diagnostics
Action Plan
Indicators (KPIs)

R$ 485

Per month



All Office features
+ Erp integration
+ RACI matrix
+ Prioritization Matrix

R$ 683

Per month



All company features
+ Risk Management
+ Meetings/Minutes

R$ 881

Per month



All Corporate features
+ Project Management
+ Strategies

US$ 1277

Per month

More possibilities!

In addition to standardized plans, we offer other modules that can be contracted separately or even combined with one of the table plans above:

Gestão Orçamentária

Tudo o que você precisa para planejar e ter maior previsibilidade nos resultados da sua empresa! A partir de R$ 872,00 por mês. Na contratação combinada, isto é; Plano Padrão + Gestão Orçamentária, o preço varia de acordo com o Plano escolhido.

Não Conformidades (Em breve)

Em breve o Scoreplan irá ampliar o atendimento da ISO 9000:2015, já que o registro de NCs por conta de fatores externos ou internos, bem como plano de ação para correção poderá ser feito pela própria plataforma.

If you need more users because none of the default plans suit you, no problems: we can put together a custom Plan to suit you! If you are out of time and manpower available to assemble your company’s initial base on Scoreplan; create indicators, register users, assemble structures and etc. You can hire our consulting team to do this for you!

Questions and Answers

To use Scoreplan, do I need a specific configuration on my computer or a robust hardware/server structure?

Scoreplan is a web solution (cloud), that is, does not require a physical hardware/server structure for installation, not even of specific settings on the computer-only Internet connection.

Can I import data from Excel spreadsheets into Scoreplan?

Data, for power indicators, yes. What is not possible is the creation of bookmarks from information contained in an EXCEL spreadsheet-the creation of indicators is manual.

Does Scoreplan keep historical changes?

Scoreplan keeps log of all data changes from indicators, and synchronizations with external data sources (ERP, spreadsheets, etc.).

To use Scoreplan do I need to have a strategic planning?

No. Scoreplan is a support platform in the process of strategic planning as a whole, since its inception.

If I don't do strategic planning, can't I use Scoreplan?

Scoreplan, in essence, is a system for strategic planning. However, its functionalities can be used in an individualized way.

Does the customer receive training to use Scoreplan?

Scoreplan is a very intuitive and easy to use software, so often training is not necessary. However, the customer may choose to hire a distance training (via Skype) at the time of signing the plan.

Is there a minimum contract period?

Yes, the minimum contract period is 4 months. For more details, please visit the Service agreement.

Is there a free trial version?

Yes, we have this option! With the trial version, you can enjoy the full potential of Scoreplan for 30 days at no cost. [Request here]

Does Scoreplan have Support?

Yes. Office Plan Support is restricted to possible technical issues that the platform can present, all other plans also support for specific questions. Support demands must be sent to For questions, doubts, more complex, that require training, for example, there is the consulting service available for hiring.

Is Scoreplan a BUSINESS Intelligence (BI)?

Yes and No. Through Scoreplan you can create indicators, define metrics and goals, and create formulas; you can integrate with external data sources, such as an ERP system for example, to ensure the maintenance and automatic updating of data and indicators. Scoreplan is also able to generate dashboards for viewing results. Just as a BI also makes it all possible. The differential of a platform such as Scoreplan for a BI is the possibility of attaching these Indicators to a larger strategy (Strategic Planning, Project Management, etc.), as well as making critical analysis of the present results creating and linking actions that ensure a future with a better scenario.